Titan 420

Titan Herb Pipe | Black Obsidian Volcanic Lava | Titan 420 Brand

Relax your mind & body with this classic stone of transformation pipe! All our pipes are hand-made using the finest natural stones that are known for many centuries to hold immense healing properties and are used for energy and positive vibration. 

We’ve combined the beauty of relaxation with the power of crystals to enhance your overall relaxation.

    • BLACK OBSIDIAN HEALING STONE: This stone has powerful metaphysical properties that is known to shield against negativity and promote positivity.  
    • 100% HANDCRAFTED NATURAL STONE: Carefully carved by hand with the finest attention to detail with quartz crystal embellishment. We don't use chemicals in the process, it's simply a carved natural stone.
    • DIMENSION & USAGE: We found the perfect balance between comfort and design. This pipe sits perfectly in your hands at just 4.5 inches in length making your herb experience tremendously light & enjoyable.
    • PACKAGE: Every package is beautifully designed and includes 4 free filter screens and a free cleaning brush to keep your Titan Pipe well maintained.
    • QUALITY CONTROL: Titan 420 is a proudly Canadian owned brand based in Toronto. We strongly stand behind our brand and will ensure you are more than just happy. Each unit is well inspected to meet the highest quality standards.
Buy Now and try it for yourself. We accept returns with no questions asked.

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