The Different Ways to Use Marijuana

As the years have passed, people have gotten more creative in the ways they consume cannabis to get high. Smoking isn’t always the go-to, since it’s linked to a few health concerns as you are purposefully inhaling smoke. These options have opened up so far that users don’t get high from some of them, they simply extract the health benefits while staying completely sober. Whether you’re looking for a more intense high or some simple pain relief, this article will cover the different ways you can (and should try) to use cannabis.

1. Edibles

Edibles are increasingly popular in the cannabis industry. Whether it’s a brownie, lollipop or gummy bear, users can choose to ingest their THC or CBD with some calories. If you make your own THC oil, you can even try cooking your weekend dinners with infused olive oil. Edibles take much longer to work than smoking does, because your body must digest the THC. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, so if you’re planning on trying edibles for the first time, make sure you’re not trying more before it has kicked in!

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2. Vaping

Another popular way to smoke, vaporizing has taken over the tobacco and cannabis industries. Not only is it less harmful to the lungs, but users typically prefer the taste of cannabis when vaped over smoking a joint or a blunt.

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One disadvantage to this method is the price, as purchasing and maintaining a vaporizer can be hard on the wallet. Consider trying a friend’s vape before going out and purchasing your own, or buy one that has a good return policy.

Vaping and grinding go hand in hand. Choosing a good quality grinder is key to enjoying your vaping experience. We strongly recommend Titan Crusher 2.5 inch 4 piece anodized aluminum. Not only do they offer a free pouch, scraper and a brush, but also their return policy is  to die for, i.e. 100% Free refund guarantee!


3. Dabbing with Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are extracts that have a more concentrated amount of THC. The high is very intense compared to smoking regularly, however concentrates are more expensive than regular weed is. To use them, you’ll need a dab rig that’s lit using a butane torch. This isn’t the easiest method, but it’s a very intense one. Like vaping, dabbing releases vapor as opposed to smoke. These concentrates, usually called “shatter”, can have up to 80% THC content.

4. Tinctures

Tinctures, like edibles, are consumed rather than inhaled. What a tincture is is an alcohol soak with infused cannabis for a very unique experience. Different flavors and types are available depending on your personal preferences, though you should know that tinctures are an immediate high. Simply use the dropper to place the product under your tongue, and you’re all set!

5. Oils

Drinkable oils are very strong oils that can be used to cook or can be taken right away. They usually come in capsules or a bottle that allows you to carefully measure how much you’re using. Oils must be digested like edibles, and as a result, take some time to work their magic. Just have patience and get ready for an intense high.

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6. Topicals

Topicals are a non-psychoactive way for you to take advantage of the medical effects of cannabis. Whether you’re using coconut oil on your dry hands, infused lip balm on sore lips or a colorful bath bomb, you’ll be reaping all of the side effects that’s skin-deep.

Whether or not you love the act of smoking, these other uses can bring your cannabis game to a brand new level. You may like the effects of edibles more than smoking joints, or the benefits of vaping. Topicals are great for those who have chronic pain or inflammation, whereas dabbing can be a lot of fun and is a more extreme high. Just be sure to be safe with whichever option you choose, and take your time in discovering more. There’s no need to rush!