7 Medical Effects of CBD Oil

Many cannabis users use medical marijuana for the medical benefits. From pain relief to an overall sense of calm or appetite stimulants, marijuana can be used to help those with many different medical issues. This is because cannabis is made up of 3 main chemicals among others — THC, CBD and CBN. While THC is behind the sensation of being “high”, CBD is noticed for its healing and relieving properties.

CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical, which means it won’t alter your mind at all. Its other attributes make this a great, natural chemical that alleviates so many types of mild illness. CBD is commonly used for illness in an oil form that patients can drink or cook with. Some THC oils contain CBD, however this will alter the user’s mind while CBD oil on its own will not.

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The medical effects of CBD oil are as follows:

1. Pain Relief

Living with chronic pain can be very difficult. Whether it’s because of a past injury, a chronic disease or other reasons, day-to-day life can become less enjoyable if you’re constantly in pain. CBD oil has been proven to help this. It’s not addictive, which is very appealing to most patients — other types of pain medication are highly addictive to the point where users can experience withdrawals. In Canada, CBD has been approved as medical pain relief for MS and cancer, which sustains its credibility.

2. Anti-psychotic

CBD has been noted as relieving users from psychosis, and has even been tested on schizophrenic patients. This simply means that hallucinations have decreased significantly in patients who experience frightening and alarming psychosis.

3. Relieves Anxiety

Many people suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder. There are 7 general types of anxiety, including OCD, PTSD and social anxiety, and CBD oil is a great option for those who experience it. Patients in studies that used it had less stress and discomfort than those who did not use CBD. Depression is another disorder that CBD has seemed to relieve, however more studies must be done before it’s used more commonly as treatment.

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4. Relieves Nausea

Whether someone suffers from nausea due to an existing disease or just every now and then, it can be difficult to go about your day while feeling ill. In low doses, CBD helps to keep nausea to a minimum. It has been tested with animals, with toxins, and in other instances and it seems as though CBD will keep you from rushing to the bathroom.

5. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is not always brought on by a hurt joint or an illness. Chronic inflammation is an issue that some have to deal with often. CBD has been known to reduce inflammation and help people live a more satisfying life.

6. Helps Healthy Weight

CBD is great in that it helps your body change white fat cells to brown fat cells. Brown fat helps us to burn white fat and regulate blood sugar, while white fat can cause issues with obesity and other disease. While this obviously shouldn’t be used as a person’s diet plan, using some CBD oil every day with a healthy diet and exercise could result in healthy weight loss.

7. Fights Against Cancer

This is definitely something that needs further testing and involvement, however studies have shown that CBD can actually slow the spread of some types of cancer. While this has only been tested on animals thus far, it’s possible that it can change lives for the better.

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Before you use CBD oil to treat any illness or disease you might have, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor. Remember that tested and federally-approved medicines and treatments prescribed by your doctor should be used before trying alternative medicine, especially if your illness is more serious and threatening. CBD oil certainly isn’t a life-saver, however it may be used to treat side effects you experience that negatively alter your life.

Disclaimer: These are opinions based on research done by our publishers. We do not recommend or encourage the use of any of the above expressed opinions.